Can The Amnesty And Open Borders Crowd Finally Admit Their Position Is A Huge Loser For Republicans?

There’s absolutely no question that the Republican Party leadership’s support of amnesty did cataclysmic damage to their fundraising and to the morale of their supporters. However, the amnesty and open borders crowd said never fear: we’ll make up for that with Hispanic voters.

Well, since the GOP ran the Republican in our party who was most associated with amnesty and open borders, John McCain, we have a great real world test of how well comprehensive immigration reform works as an issue for Republicans.

Now, we all know McCain lost the election, but how did he do with Hispanics?

From CNN,

“According to exit poll results released thus far, Latino voters voted for Barack Obama over John McCain by a more than a 2-1 margin nationally: 66 percent to 31 percent.”

31%? In 2006, the GOP got 30% of the Hispanic vote.

So, the payoff for hundreds of millions of dollars in lost fundraising dollars and hundreds of thousands of demoralized conservative voters who stayed home was 1 out of every 100 Hispanic voters?

That seems like a pretty small payout — but, it could have been worse.

Imagine what the numbers would look like long-term if amnesty passed and we had 12-20 million new illegal aliens who became citizens over the next decade or so.

Even if they voted Republican at the same rate that McCain received in this election (which is highly doubtful), that would add 4.8 to 8 million new Democratic voters.

In other words, passing amnesty could potentially add more Democratic votes than Obama won by last night. So, even aside from the fact that it rewards people for breaking our laws, imports poverty, & will explode the deficit, amnesty would give the Democrats millions of new votes.

See, this sort of thing is why they call the Republicans the stupid party…

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