A Man Thought He Was Raising Puppies. They Were Bears

A Man Thought He Was Raising Puppies. They Were Bears

In a story that nearly defies belief, a Chinese man was startled to discover that he was really raising bears- not puppies. The Daily Caller reports:


When the puppies you adopted from a “mysterious” Vietnamese salesman grow to a hundred pounds and develop abnormally large appetites, it might be time to ask whether or not they are really dogs.

For Wang Kaiyu, however, these irregularities left him unphased, according to the Daily Mail. It was only until a Public Security Bureau leaflet about endangered species that gave him an indication that his precious little pets could actually be baby bears.

Kaiyu said that the cubs that he believed to be puppies were well behaved from the day he brought them home in their cages, and he groomed them daily.

When Kaiyu handed the animals over to authorities, which took them to the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center, he discovered that the animals were actually two Asian black bears enlisted as a second-class protected species.

The two bears, one male and one female, now reside at their new home at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center of Yunnan province. Officials inspected the bears and reported them to be in healthy condition.

If it weren’t for his honesty, Kaiyu might have become one of his bears’ victims.

“I am pleased,” Kaiyu said, People’s Daily Online reports. “I thought I might end up in jail and was really worried after I called them.”

It seems unbelievable, but apparently, one can mistake baby bears for puppies. So, in the future, as one accepts “puppies” from a mysterious Vietnamese salesman, one should do their due diligence in finding out if the puppies are, in fact, puppies.

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