A Peek Under Tiller the Baby Killer’s Rock

The murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller was a big propaganda coup for the left, but at least it has shined a little light on the depravity of the abortion industry. The reason liberals will avoid your eyes while declaring that the babies they advocate butchering are just blobs of protoplasm is that they know otherwise, as made clear by some of the services Tiller the Baby Killer offered. Via What Does Tiller Do With The Dead Babies?, click here for a sample.

These “remembrances” refer to babies whose mothers have chosen to murder them.

More morbidity is on display at KGOV.com:

Wichita abortionist George Tiller offers a memorial service in his facility after he performs a partial-birth abortion. The mom and the dad in the pictures below paid Tiller a few thousand dollars to kill Tess, their baby girl. A pro-life sidewalk counselor had failed in her effort to dissuade the mother from entering the abortion mill, but did succeed in giving her address to the mom. Afterward, the mother and the pro-lifer corresponded and became friends. In that way, the pro-life community obtained these photos. We at KGOV.com have decided to share with our listeners the mother’s pain, and the photographic proof of the depravity of abortionists, in hopes of furthering our battle against legalized child killing.

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The pictures of a couple doting on the corpse of the daughter they killed are guaranteed to give you nightmares. Also included is this note from the regretful mom:


We’ve just elected as president an over-the-top pro-abortion extremist. As a result, we taxpayers now finance abortions done in other countries. If America survives this reign of moonbattery, future generations will look back and regard us as fiends.

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