Ratings Tailspin Continues for Cable News Moonbats

Installing Comrade Obama in the White House was the liberal media’s greatest triumph — but may also be its downfall. At the MSM’s left-most fringe, ratings corrosion is already well underway. TV by the Numbers cheers us up with this:

Countdown with Keith Olbermann hit its lowest ratings of the year in May down over 30% in the cable news adults 25-54 demo target from January.

…soon followed by this:

CNN’s AC360 is down almost 55% in the cable news target adults 25-54 demo from January to May, 2009.

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Anderson Cooper has been in a slide since Hopey Change descended, as has Keith Ubermoonbat’s home, MSNBC. The Live Feed reported last month:

Two cable news personalities — CNN’s Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow — have hit ratings lows within a week of each other.

Tuesday night’s Rachel Maddow was seen by only 789,000 viewers, a series-low performance since her show debuted last summer.

Friday’s Anderson Cooper 360 was the anchor’s least-watched show since Barack Obama’s inauguration, with 622,000 viewers.

Cooper and Maddow’s average audiences have been sliding since January following last year’s historic presidential election…

Could it be that people are getting sick of being lied to? When the full impact of Obama’s malignant policies hits home, MSNBC and CNN are going to need federal bailouts to stay on the air.

Countdown to No Ratings, as the Great One calls it.

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