A sex ed book all parents should read.

About two years ago, when I was a junior in college, I e-mailed Dr. Miriam Grossman to thank her for writing the book Unprotected. As a college student, the book made sense of what I was seeing around me but couldn’t understand. I wrote this column , kept in touch with Dr. G, and in the fall of 2007, we both ended up at the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute in Washington. She hired me as a researcher for her second book, You’re Teaching My Child What?, about sex education in schools.

As someone who worked on this book long before it came out, I was shocked by what I learned about “comprehensive sex education.” For starters, sex-ed groups like Advocates for Youth and SIECUS often portray themselves as pro-science, fending off the religious right so that they can give kids “just the facts.” In reality, they are just as ideologically and politically driven as any abstinence-only organization, if not more so. Their goal is not to promote health and science. Instead, they want to use sex ed as a vehicle to promote feminism, androgyny, “sexual rights,” gay rights–you get the idea.

Groups like SIECUS are still heavily influenced by renowned pervert Alfred Kinsey, who had no medical training whatsoever but declared himself an expert in “sexology.” His work has been completely discredited–but it’s still being promoted to kids in schools.

These groups also preach the falsehood that men and women are born basically the same (except for physical differences), and “gender roles” are a product of social conditioning, not nature. This is a scientifically outdated theory from the 1970s. In fact, the more scientists learn about endocrinology, neurology, hormones–the clearer it becomes that men and women are not born the same. I learned in Dr. Grossman’s book that scientists can do brain scans on fetuses and determine whether the developing child is male or female. But that doesn’t stop the gender-justice crusaders from teaching discredited notions to schoolchildren.

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There’s more that I don’t have room to cover in a blog post, so you’ll have to read the book. And lest you think Dr. Grossman is an abstinence-only proponent: she’s not. She wants scientifically based sex education that promotes health, rather than social ideologies.

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