Obamunists Attempt to Crash Merrick Tea Party, Fail

Merrick patriots.

Yesterday’s Tea Party in Merrick, Long Island featuring Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs was a big success, drawing patriots by the hundreds. Even some Kool-Aid–guzzling drones tried to join in the fun; but as with everything Obamunists attempt, this failed, as reported at Gathering of Eagles: NY:

“Why are you trying to intimidate these people?”

The question took me by surprise as I looked at the guy with the video camera. “Hunh? What people?” I asked. Then I looked around and saw a few dopes wearing Obama/Biden T shirts and holding signs. I had to laugh. “Heh, I didn’t even know they were there!”

Later I took some photos of them, or tried to, most held their signs over their faces. Too ashamed, I guess, to have their identities associated with their continued moronic faith in their messiah. Too few, too ignorant and too lobotomized to be a serious opposition. They quickly sidled away after retreating down and across the street from the Patriots.

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Soon Obamamites will disappear altogether, creeping back under their rocks to fester in the darkness, as America rises up against what they have tried to do to it. In the meantime, I wish them good luck getting the Obama stickers off the bumpers of their Priuses.

If moonbats can still believe in The One, they can still believe in global warming.

On a tip from Gregory of Yardale. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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