A Short, Obligatory Post On Hillary For Secretary Of State…

I’m not sure exactly why Hillary Clinton would be seriously considered for the Secretary of State post in an Obama Administration, but at first glance, it would appear to be a truly horrible idea.

Setting aside the fact that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any particularly noteworthy foreign policy credentials, she also has a titanic ego, scandals follow her and her husband around like a rain cloud (Yeah, it really is a 2-for-1 deal), and Bill has all sorts of troubling connections (for the spouse of a Secretary of State at least) to foreign governments.

Add to that the fact that there were plenty of Democrats who undoubtedly voted for Obama because they were horrified by the idea of having the whole Clinton freakshow back in the White House again. So now, after voting for Hopey McChange, they could conceivably still end up with Shrill and Willie Bubba in the White House again anyway?

Wow….just, wow.

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