As If The News In 2008 Hasn’t Been Bad Enough Already For Republicans….

From Roll Call,

“After much speculation that his failed presidential bid would be his last campaign, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has decided to run for re-election to his Senate seat in 2010.”

In the last 8 years, John McCain has been uniquely destructive to conservatism and the Republican Party. He has undercut Republicans time and time again, helped cripple the party’s fundraising with McCain-Feingold, helped completely demoralize the conservative base by pushing amnesty and open borders — and then to top it all off, he lost the 2008 presidential election for us while his aides classlessly trashed Sarah Palin.

If the choice is between having John McCain back for another 6 years in 2010 and having a Democrat, let me go on record now as saying I’d much rather have the Democrat.

Put another way, if it came right down to it, 60 Democrats would be easier for conservatives to deal with than 59 Democrats and John McCain.

PS: Of course, it would be even better if we could beat McCain in a primary. That might be doable if we could get a high quality candidate. So, is there any prominent Republican in Arizona who wants to help save the Republican Party by beating McCain? If so, throw your hat in the ring….

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