A Sign Of The Apocalypse From My Living Room: Kittehs And Dogs Chowing Down Together

This is a scene from my living room last night:

Patton & Kitten Eating Together

Yes, my cat-hating Jack Russell mix, Patton, is happily chowing down next to a kitten. That kitten was running around on the porch, ran in the house past Patton, and started eating his food. Then Patton just started eating next to him like it was no big deal. I was amazed because Patton will get food-aggressive with another dog or person who tries that (except for me).

A couple of the cats don’t seem to be afraid of Patton at all. The other two, you get a little hissing and a half-hearted paw swat, if that, in response to his whining and sniffing, but that’s it.

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As to the kittens — or, are they officially cats by now? — I have found a place that has told me they will take 3 of them. I am not entirely sure they are going to follow through. Time will tell. If so, then I will just have one more to move until my porch will be blessedy kitteh-free. If not, then I’m not sure what the next best option will be. The one feral cat place that will actually talk to me actually suggested getting them spayed and neutered (which I’ve done), letting them go in the yard, and then feeding them. At some point, it may come down to either doing that or taking them to animal control where they essentially get terminated after a 24 hour period if no one adopts them. After spending this much time and effort on them, I am not inclined to see these kittens put down.

PS: If you live inbetween Wilmington, NC & Myrtle Beach, SC and would like a kitten, email me. All of them have been spayed or neutered, they all like people, and they all know how to use a litter box. You couldn’t do much better if you want a cat.

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