Gimme Some ‘Turf Money

You know what stinks? What stinks is that the Tea Party and other Right leaning activists are totally unfunded. They get no money….AT ALL. I’m just bitter because while the no-talents on the left get paid $16 an hour to show up, act bored, block doors, [New: Punch people] and wave a sign, activists on the Right can’t seem to buy love from anyone in the government or grassroots organizations.

The Republicans, still coveting MSM approval that will never come, ignore the grassroots folks as ineffective and irrelevant. Well, the people are getting a little more relevant. Republicans aren’t being spared anyone’s wrath, either.

And the big spenders on the Right? WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? I’m getting nothing. Other bloggers get zip–except for well-earned ad revenue. And even then, it’s not making people, save a very few, any sort of living. And the people showing up to these get togethers? They get paid squat. Nada.

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I mean, look at these activists. Beholden to no one, coming out to protest and to demand accountability from their elected officials. They are being so ripped. If the Right meant business, they’d do it this way.

P.S. While I’m mostly making fun of this whole situation, the fact remains that the Right side of the movement needs to start putting their money where their mouths are. The Left can screech about astroturf, but that is entirely a Leftist phenomenon. Ironically, the Right puts all their money into traditional media and trying to win influence among people who just don’t care about the message. They need to get outside of D.C., and help get some of the grassroots people funded so they could quite their day-jobs and help spread the message full-time. The Left spent loads of money winning hearts and minds–mostly people working on the ground. Well, people have families. They need income for their efforts.

Some of the Tea Party folks were passing the plate at meetings–the activists themselves were funding….themselves. And then there are online activists who eek out a living or have to do other jobs to keep working–but only part time. Full time bloggers could be doing harder news and getting the stories out. We need more of this. And there are those willing to do it.

The Right needs astroturf money. Badly.

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