A Truther In The White House

Obama’s Communist Czar Van Jones apparently believes George Bush may have been behind the 9/11 attacks. From my friend Amanda Carpenter at the Washington Times,

President Obama’s “green jobs czar” Van Jones has been targeted again and again by conservatives for his controversial views and now they’ll have another item to use as fodder.

Mr. Jones signed a statement for 911Truth.org in 2004 demanding an investigation into what the Bush Administration may have done that “deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.”

His name is listed with 99 other prominent signatories supporting such an investigation on the 911Truth.org website, including Code Pink co-founders Medea Benjamin and Jodi Evans, comedienne Janeane Garofalo, Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia and others. He’s identified as the executive director for the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights on the statement, which he founded before going to the White House. The statement is available here. Mr. Jones is number 46.

Let me just note that 911Truth does not even measure up to the standards of say, the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos. It’s an all crazypants, all the time website for the loons and mental defectives who believe Bush was somehow behind 9/11.

Signing on to anything that website has something to do with is a good indication that you probably think that the Illuminati and the Jews are putting fluoride in the drinking water to control the minds of the American public and make us more susceptible to the duel Canadian/Mexican invasion that will undoubtedly soon occur to distract us from the fact that Barack Obama was really born in Kenya.

In other words, anyone that has something to do with that website shouldn’t even let you in the door of the White House for a sightseeing tour, much less be one of Obama’s czars.

If Obama’s associations didn’t trouble people before, are they troubling now? The guy has surrounded himself with racist preachers, American terrorists, race baiting professors, tax cheats, and Communist preachers. You have to go back to the Third Reich (Screw Godwin’s law, I went there) to find a more warped, twisted, and immoral group of people surrounding a powerful leader than Barack Obama has had around him. The very fact that he had so many of these disturbing people around him should genuinely frighten people.

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