Public School Reading

No doubt the socialist apparatchiks who run public schools have your kids studying up for Chairman Zero’s big speech to the children next Tuesday. Here are a couple of books likely to dominate their homework assignments, with excerpts via P.U.M.A.:


He was there in Chicago because he cared about these people. They were his family. People in Kenya were his family. Indonesians were his family. And no matter where he was, the world was his home. And who he was could be summed up in one word: loveable.

Only icky children don’t love Dear Leader.

When his classes came to an end, he raced to Chicago to join hands with the church, to learn new lessons: Not how to be black or white, but how to be a healer, how to change things, how to make a difference in the world.

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The church in question was run by this racist demagogue.

One sun-drenched day, as his wife Michelle stood by, Barack smiled on a sea of faces from Wichita to Waikiki. He saw whites and blacks, rich and poor, Christians and Muslims and Jews; he saw the ghosts of his parents, of Gramps and Toot, of Martin Luther King, Jr. and JFK. And on that special day Barack was the bridge that held them all together. “I want to be your president,” he said. “Can we make America better? Can we work together, as one?” With a single voice the crowd called out, “Yes! We can!”

Let’s hope the kids have strong stomachs. Next book:


Another reference to Jeremiah Wright’s satanic Church of Hate:

There, swept up in the waves of their singing, with tears on his cheeks, he knew why he was there. He knew who he was and he knew where he belonged.

The Ascension of the Moonbat Messiah is a story of epic proportions:

He arrived here during a dark time in American history. All across America, people were losing their jobs, losing their houses, losing their sense of hope. Many people were tired of a war that had gone on too long. They were tired of fighting with their neighbors over politics. They were just tired. … Here was a man who spoke of “hope” and “change,” whose strong words lifted up the downhearted people and made them believe that the world was not beyond repair.

Now Hopey Change has made everything different. We even have a new religion, with which small children are evangelized on your dime in public schools.

On a tip from Heather M. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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