About Dr. George Tiller, Legality & Morality

I didn’t want to write about this topic. At. All. It’s absolute insanity. And it’s personal.

The procedure that Dr. George Tiller became expert at is absolutely gruesome and he was an “expert” over sixty thousand times. That is a medium sized city of people who died being pulled limb from limb or by chemical burn. The numbers make me want to throw up right now.

People need to know the facts. Bill O’Reilly gave the facts while sharing his personal opinion that abortion is wrong. It’s his right. More about O’Reilly and free speech and the Left’s hypocrisy at my Pajama’s Media article.

This topic is personal because my own sons were born at 24 weeks five days. Here is a picture of a baby a week older. There is no question in my mind, not even a shadow of a doubt, that what Dr. Tiller did, over and over, was murder. That is, an innocent life was taken. How the man lived with himself every day, I don’t know. How he distanced himself from his acts of barbarism is beyond me.

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But a pox on all our houses.

This is America. We are a country of laws. The laws should be written that something like this procedure is illegal. There is no question it is immoral. 72% of Americans were against this procedure in a survey taken two years ago. I’d venture to guess the number is higher now. Each year that passes, the ability for doctors to understand these tiny babies increases. No one doubts that they’re babies. If born, with treatment, they survive. Just like grandma survives a stroke, if given treatment. Just because she’s on life support for a while doesn’t mean that she’s not alive.

The thing is, we all know this. We all know that the baby is alive.

The disingenuous left wanting to paint those who are pro-life as wackos know that the majority of Americans, and even they themselves, know the baby is alive. For them, it’s not about killing the baby. It’s about promoting the life of the mother–rarely literally, mostly metaphorically. This whole topic is about a woman controlling her destiny by controlling her uterus. They conveniently ignore the control she had when the baby was made.

This procedure should be illegal in all 50 states. A man like Dr. George Tiller should have committed maybe 20 of these procedures over the lifetime of his practice to save a woman who was going to die, imminently, because it was either her or the baby. It should be so rare and unique that we all agonize with the devastated family. I know a woman who had this horrible choice as her body marched toward death with leukemia. The moral choice was clear, but she will live forever with the loss of her child. It was not a fetus. It was her baby. And the choice was devastating.

Otherwise, we become a nation immune to the horrors of these deaths and all bear the guilt of allowing such a thing to happen.

Dr. Tiller was murdered. His profession and his expertise was legal. A raving lunatic took justice into his own hands and killed this man in cold blood. The killer should get the chair for an act so premeditated. He clearly planned this killing.

The rule of law rules all. A murderer should be brought to justice. When it comes to late term abortion, the law needs to be changed.

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