The Top 20 Most Clicked, Non-Eye Candy Links On Conservative Grapevine For May, 2009

From Conservative Grapevine.

20) WebUrbanist: 15 incredible images that look altered but aren’t

19) Cracked: 7 completely unrealistic movies plots that came true

18) Right Wing Video: Eliza Dushku bikini dancing from “The New Guy” (Hot)

17) Regretful Morning: 5 incredibly impractical military weapons (actually used)

16) Atom: The six creepiest abandoned place

15) Weasel Zippers: A pic of Bill Clinton with his hand on Fran Drescher’s behind.

14) Spike: The top 10 lies you’ve been told about sex

13) Cracked: 6 movies based on a true story that are also full of crap

12) Beth Mann’s Blog: 13 people who ruined it for everyone else

11) Cara Ellison: Wet T-shirt contest, conservative style

10) Toby Harnden: The 10 punches Dick Cheney landed on Barack Obama’s jaw

9) Izismile: The life of a stripper changed because of drugs (4 pics)

8) The Nose On Your Face: Basic military training in the Obama era (Funny)

7) The Sun: Tennis babe Simona Halep is to undergo surgery – to shrink her 34DD breasts (w/pics)

6) PW: Liberal hack admits that The Second Amendment is keeping them from forcefully seizing your property and assets in order to redistribute

5) COED Magazine: 10 porn stars who gave their bods to God

4) Izismile: 53 pictures taken at the right moment

3) Manofest: 25 incredibly slutty wedding dresses

2) Photos That Changed The World: Photos that changed the world (some of these are a little obscene or violent)

1) Unemployment Mentality: Everything you need to know about the layoffs in one funny pic

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