About Senator Ensign: Only Someone With Morals Can Be A Hypocrite

am so bored with Republican sex scandals. First, they are not nearly as potentially problematic to the rule of law and to policy issues as all the Democrat financial scandals. Second, the sex scandals are one more way for the Democrats to hamstring the Republicans.

Mostly, I’m just sick of the left screeching “hypocrite!” Good grief. If they had any morals whatsoever, they’d be capable of hypocrisy. It’s extraordinarily convenient to be amoral in Washington, D.C. Nothing is off-limits and no one can criticize because it’s not like the amoral pol ever claimed to believe any behavior is wrong, anyway.

So I talk about that and more in this Pajamas Media article It’s The Hypocrisy Stupid! Please go read it. I’m interested in your thoughts.

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