Saul Anuzis Talks About Potential New Republican Primary Rules & Lots More

My guest tonight on Right Doctor my radio show for is Saul Anuzis, former state chair of the Michigan Republican Party and contender for national chair this last time. Saul is also working for American Solutions on the Card Check issue. In addition, he’s been named as one of 13 Republicans to be part of the rules committee for the Republican party. Not only that, but Chairman Steele has asked Saul to head a technology committee for the RNC. Saul’s busy.

In case you missed it, Saul and I talked Iran yesterday. You can download the podcast from iTunes. Saul is the child of Lithuanian immigrants. He knows about communism. His parents saw it fall and Saul took 25 trips to Lithuania to help the country set up Democracy. He knows totalitarian regimes.

Saul also knows socialism. His family lived it and now, in Michigan, his state suffers the consequences. Since I’m from Michigan originally, too, we have lots to talk about.

Today, Saul and I discuss the implications of Republican rules changes. Priority number one in my book? Close the primaries. That is, don’t let Democrats and Independents vote in Republican primaries. That way, Republicans at least increase the chances of having a more solid conservative nominated.

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The discussion is fascinating. We talk about how the Democrats are trying to do an end around on Card Check and how they just might succeed. I hope you’ll listen in either tonight at 10 Eastern, 9 Central on or via the podcasts on iTunes.

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