Act of Desperation by Super Liberal Dana Milbank: Washington Post’s columnist thinks Scott Walker’s cowardice should disqualify him for running for president

It’s Feb 21, 2015 and Dana Milbank is really afraid Scott Walker is on his way to becoming president in 2016. And Walker hasn’t even declared his candidacy yet.

The Left will always telegraph who they fear most by who they attack. If anyone is paying attention, Leftists aren’t attacking Jeb Bush, they attack Walker instead on an almost daily basis.

Milbank wrote:
“What Rudy Giuliani did this week was stupid.  What Scott Walker did ought to disqualify him as a serious presidential contender.”

If you wanna waste your time to read Milbank’s tripe click here.

Milbank is upset Scott Walker is too smart to way into Rudy Giuliani’struthful and most certainty verifiable belief that Barack Obama doesn’t profess a love for his country unlike past presidents. Walker is too smart for the Gotch Game the corrupt media loves to play againt GOPers and this is another indication as to why Scott Walker is the best choice for 2016 GOP nominee.

Scott knows how to deal with the likes of Dana Milbank and the other arrows the Left will throw at him.

Samuel Gonzalez

Samuel Gonzalez is the editor-in-chief of The Last Tradition, a blog he started in April 2009. Samuel is one of the top Latino bloggers in the country and his blog has been linked by Gateway Pundit, Right Wing News, Instapundit, Legal Insurrection, American Thinker and other top conservative blogs. He's a strong Reagan conservative, a Rush Limbaugh disciple, an unconventional Evangelical who not only takes on Liberal orthodoxy, but also challenges other so-called soft conservatives afraid to buck political correctness.

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