Add Jonah Goldberg to list of so-called Conservative intelligentsia Unable to Comprehend the new Trump Paradigm

Add Jonah Goldberg to list of so-called Conservative intelligentsia Unable to Comprehend the new Trump Paradigm

jonah goldbergThe problem with the eggheads in the GOP is that they’re too busy trying to be keepers of the “conservative gate”. They think its incumbent upon them to explain for others what is and what is not conservative.

Well, let me inform Jonah Goldberg, George Will, the National Review and other gate keepers that it’s a totally new ballgame this election cycle.

In his latest article, No Movement That Embraces TrumpCan Call Itself Conservative, by Jonah Goldberg, Goldberg apparently cannot see the forest for the tress.

Goldberg writes:

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“Behold the Trumpen Proletariat Yes, I know that there are plenty of decent and honorable people who support Trump. For instance, my friend John Nolte over at Breitbart is one. He constantly celebrates Trump because Trump has all the right enemies and defies the conventional rules governing politics and media

But this is not an argument for Trump as a serious presidential candidate. It is really no argument at all. It is catharsis masquerading as principle, venting and resentment pretending to be some kind of higher argument”.

George Will said Republican primary voters were exhibiting a “Primal Yell” that they have to release and get out of their system before getting serious about choosing a GOP candidate.

This is where Goldberg and Will miss the mark. They care more about keeping their “Conservative Intelligence Card” than being courageous enough to see reality on the ground. In other words, if the mainstream media makes a person or something toxic, then the GOP egghead writers get their cue not to support it.

Did you notice how the conservative intelligentsia left Sarah Palin and the Tea Party out in the cold to twist in the wind? The same kind of thing is happening to Donald Trump which is why the conservative scribes like Jonah Goldberg is a waste of time to listen to.

I’m 52 years old. I voted for Ronald Reagan while Jonah Goldberg was still in grade school. He’s written some nice books and I agree with him most of the time. But, for him to disparage Trump supporters, to question the wisdom of the conservative electorate are stepping over the line. Why pay attention to a writer whose courage doesn’t extend beyond a red line the mainstream media paints for him?

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