After Paris Attacks, French Politician Wants To Reinstate Medieval Executions For Jihadists

Since the Paris terror attacks, much has been made about how exactly to fight the war on Islamic terrorism.

And with Obama not taking the lead on the issue, this French politician is saying we ought to be taking things back to the medieval days where people were publicly executed.

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The terrorist attacks in Paris have prompted one political leader to call for turning back the clock to more medieval forms of execution.

The leader, Jean Marie Le Pen, who founded France’s most popular far-right party, doesn’t think that current solutions to fight terrorism are panning out for his countrymen.

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Newsweek reported on what Le Pen suggests they do instead:

The founder of France’s far-right National Front (FN) Jean Marie Le Pen urged France to reinstate the death penalty and commit convicted terrorists to the guillotine, French weekly news magazine Marianne reports.

“We must restore the death penalty for terrorists,” Le Pen said, before adding “with decapitation.”


What do you think? Does this sound like a good idea?

John Binder

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