AGW Today: Earthquake, Teach In, Sea Rise

Say, ‘memba this snippet from a Yahoo Neews article (since removed) about the China earthquake (taken from Moonbattery)

Natural disasters killed over 220,000 people in 2008, making it one of the most devastating years on record and underlining the need for a global climate deal … an earthquake shook China’s Sichuan province, leaving 70,000 dead, 18,000 missing and almost five million homeless, according to official figures…

Yet another in a long line of stories (such as this) about how anthropogenic global warming causes everything. Unfortunately for the True Believers (who have big carbon footprints since they do not practice what they preach), science happens

Nearly nine months after a devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province, China, left 80,000 people dead or missing, a growing number of American and Chinese scientists are suggesting that the calamity was triggered by a four-year-old reservoir built close to the earthquake’s geological fault line.

A Columbia Universityscientist who studied the quake has said that it may have been triggered by the weight of 320 million tons of water in the Zipingpu Reservoir less than a mile from a well-known major fault. His conclusions, presented to the American Geophysical Union in December, coincide with a new finding by Chinese geophysicists that the dam caused significant seismic changes before the earthquake.

So, yes, it is possible that a man made structure helped either trigger, or, more then likely, made the earthquake worse, but, even these scientists say the earthquake was going to happen anyhow.

But, hey, don’t let the science or the temperature stop the AGW teach in’s

Talk about great timing.

Buffalo State College hosts the national teach-in on Global Warming Situations today (WT-story was from Thursday) — a day the local temperature bottomed out at minus 6 degrees.

No evidence of global warming here, at least not this morning, when unofficial reports to the National Weather Service listed temperatures as low as 9 degrees below zero elsewhere in Erie County.

It was also cold as heck here in Raleigh, with temps in the low 30’s all day long. Perhaps they should have waited for today, since there is going to be a warm up on the east coast. The website for the teach in is here, and, of course, it is all blaming AGW. Good way to indoctrinate the kiddies, eh?

Finally, the news is going all wonky with a report that sea level rise is going to be even bigger then thought, upwards of 21 feet. Everybody panic! Oh, wait, the sea levels have been rising for 20 thousand years, but very slowly for the past 8 thousand. Harrumph.

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