Transparency is “not pertinent” to the Obama administration

What a shocking surprise:

Robert Gibbs has not been a great press secretary and this little exchange, where he was humiliated enough by Jake Tapper to cause the rest of the media in the press conference to release audible gasps of surprise, just goes to show it. Of course, Gibbs is not as smooth a talker as Obama is. Obama can spout rhetoric about Hope ‘n Change all day long, about slashing wasteful spending, about being open, transparent, and ethical, about reforming Washington, about not allowing any lobbyists in his administration… and then turn around and do the exact opposite, and all he has to do to cover up for himself is give some grandly soaring speech where his supporters can shout “HOPE!” and “CHANGE!” in agreement. Gibbs is not quite so eloquent. Tapper embarassed Gibbs because he just gave us yet another example of how transparency is not a priority for Obama. Obama is not even one month in as President, and scandal is already swirling around him. Nearly every single appointment he has made has shown to have some kind of taint to it. When Gibbs was questioned about transparency in the White House regarding the dubious appointments to Obama’s staff, his response was to brush off the question and dismiss it as impertinent.

But can anyone really say they were surprised?

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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