AGW Today: Wildfires And Blackouts And Wartime, Oh My!

You could also substitute “moonbat” for wildfires, if you want

It was bound to happen. That is, someone was due to blame the catastrophic wildfires in California on global warming.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, the Democratic congresswoman from California’s 39th Congressional District, appeared on MSNBC’s Sept. 1 “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and did just that. She told the show’s fill-in host Tamron Hall that these wildfires have increased in “magnitude” over the years. And she knew why.

The increase couldn’t have anything to do with the extreme environmentalists blocking controlled burns and clearing of brush, now, could it? Hmm, that is a Man-bag made problem though, eh?

Moving on, looks like Britain is going to have a wee bit of a problem shortly

Demand for power from homes and businesses will exceed supply from the national grid within eight years, according to official figures.

The shortage of supplies will hit the equivalent of many as 16 million families for at least one hour during the year, it is forecast.

Not since the early 1970s when the three-day week was introduced to preserve coal has Britain faced the prospect of rationing energy use.

The gap between Britain’s energy needs and demand throws fresh doubt on the Government’s assertion that renewable energy can make up for dwindling nuclear and coal capabilities.

In other words, the pie in the sky ideas, mostly still on the drawing board or in their infancy, just ain’t going to cut it, as we say here in the South. Now, most of us “skeptics/deniers” are not against alternative sources. We just do not think that they should be forced to be used till they are ready. Let’s use what works for the time being, while working to make alternatives workable. Of course, envirowacko’s end up blocking those, too.

Last up, wartime!

Developing nations need a 600-billion-dollar “Marshall Plan” annually to tackle climate change with support from rich nations on a scale not seen outside wartime recovery, a UN report said Tuesday.

Touching on a core stumbling block in global climate talks, the report said that poor nations needed a huge investment programme from rich nations to shift to clean energy, and to adapt to the weather changes and damage wrought by global warming.

The transformation would require “a level of international support and solidarity rarely mustered outside a wartime setting,” according to the survey by the UN’s department of economic and social affairs.

You know what they really need? Cheap and dependable power. Like we have in the 1st World, where our lifestyles are fueled (no pun intended) by readily available power at all times, giving people the luxury to complain about “clean energy.” These same people do not live in huts with dirt floors, worrying about screw-worms, lice, malaria, cholera, sanitation, water quality, and so on. 3rd Worlders aren’t able to stand around sipping cocktails, scarfing down chilled shrimp and caviar, while moaning about the plight of what global warming will do to them. And, you know what? For all sorts of reasons, many 3rd world regions are telling the Climahysterics to piss off.

BTW, a Right Wing News read emailed me about where to find all sorts of these types of AGW stories. There are lots of great sites available. One thing I do is search “global warming” and “climate change” at Google News. There are a ton of great sites out there, such as Planet Gore, Watts Up With That?, Climate Realists, IceCap, Junk Science, and Gore Lied, among others. I am leaving lots out, of course. Two linked up sites that you should check every day are Climate Depot and Tom Nelson. Climate Depot also has a huge amount of links to sites dealing with global warming, and is one of the main sites I check. Mostly, I look at stories more about politics and such, rather than the science of AGW.

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