The 10 Most Watched Videos At Viral Footage For August + The 10 Most Clicked At Linkiest

The 10 Most Watched Videos At Viral Footage For August

10) Surprise Ending Car Chase

Surprise Ending Car ChaseMore free videos are here

9) Creepiest Kids Show EVER. I couldn’t describe it if I tried.

8) My Top 10 Rude Pick Up Lines

7) Little girl goes fishing (Popping up everywhere. Think it’s fake?)

6) Lt. Brian Brennan was in a coma. People didn’t think he would recover — until David Petraeus showed up and said a special Cherokee word. (This is can’t miss)

Watch CBS Videos Online

5) Marine Cobras and Hueys Pounding Taliban (Wicked)

4) Tidal Wave

Tidal WaveThe funniest movie is here. Find it

3) Sniper Ends Suicidal Mans Stand Off Lone Ranger Style

Sniper Ends Suicidal Mans Stand Off – Watch more Funny Videos

2) Dog won’t take treats from Obama

1) Taliban Bunker Complex Destroyed

The 10 Most Clicked Non-Eye Candy Links On Linkiest for August

10) Perfunction: I love it when a politician accidentally offers up the truth

9) Steyn Online: Mark Steyn blogs about my breasts. Really. (Wendy_Sullivan)

8) American Digest: A couple of great anti-Obama bumper stickers

7) Flickr: The 30 most hilarious license plates

6) Dana Loesch: Seen all over Missouri: the new anti-Obama poste

5) Viral Footage: Taliban bunker complex destroyed (Clearest view of the Taliban getting blown up ever. Not gory, but not for the squeamish.)

4) Manofest: 40 people wearing T-shirts they shouldn’t be

3) TopTenz: Top 10 greatest military achievements that changed the face of war (Link corrected)

2) Imgur: The best gamer girlfriend ever in a single pic

1) Buzznewsroom: Best reaction ever to a flashing (This is a little risque, but I could not stop laughing at it)

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