Air Force Veteran Tries to Save His Dogs Life – After Police Confrontation, Now Faces Felony Charges

Air Force Veteran Tries to Save His Dogs Life – After Police Confrontation, Now Faces Felony Charges

Air Force veteran Samuel Bassett was arrested Friday in an alleged brawl with police that broke out when the cops wouldn’t let Bassett back into his burning home to save his dog. The police department’s reaction is unbelievable:


“They kept trying to keep him out of the building because it was unsafe for him to go in. He wanted to go in,” Chicago Deputy Fire Commissioner Mark Nielsen said told the Chicago Tribune.

According to the Tribune, Officers repeatedly told Bassett to move back from the burning home. When he didn’t, they proceeded to arrest him. That’s when the former veteran allegedly resisted and hit at least one officer who tried to stop him from going back into the house. An officer then hit Bassett in the face with handcuffs, leaving a wound that was visible in his mugshot.

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Bassett refused medical attention at the scene and the extent of his injuries is unclear. Three firefighters were hospitalized, but Chicago police spokesman Veejay Zala said the officer who was struck was treated at the scene for “absolutely minor” injuries. Bassett’s dog did not survive the blaze, the newspaper reported.

Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. told Bassett: “You should have more respect for police officers.”

The 48-year-old Chicago man was charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer and two misdemeanor counts of resisting a peace officer. He was being held on $300,000 bond and is expected back in court Friday, WMAQ-TV reported.

Bassett’s attorney said he was honorably discharged from the Air Force and has no prior criminal record.

Seriously, who hits someone in the face with freaking handcuffs? He was only trying to save his pup, who sadly did not survive. The charges against him are outrageous. His emotional state was probably not where it should have been, like anyone else, knowing that a loved pet was trapped inside a burning building. He is an Veteran that deserves some respect for his service and prior clean record. Such a sad story. Let’s hope there is a happy ending for one of our nation’s heroes.


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