Air passenger who yelled ‘Shut that child up!’ is shamed by disabled eight year-old girl’s mother

Air passenger who yelled ‘Shut that child up!’ is shamed by disabled eight year-old girl’s mother

8 yr-Old Yasmin is disabled with Sturge-Weber syndrome and additionally suffers from epilepsy, glaucoma and autism. The doctors cleared her to fly, but while on board the plane she became agitated and unwell. She was unable to quiet herself nor be calmed by her parents. The flight was only 2-hrs-long, but one passenger decided to say awful things to her parents about Yasmin… She told the parents to ‘shut that child up!’

Nicola Colenso

Nicola Colenso criticised the ‘abusive’ woman, who she said made her distressed daughter Yasmin even more anxious on a Jet2 flight from Ibiza to Manchester.

The woman, who was in her mid-20s, then allegedly called Ms Colenso’s partner Rick Murray a ‘p****’ for not keeping his daughter quiet.

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He and Ms Colenso were trying to calm the schoolgirl down and reassure her when the row broke out. The woman is said to have complained that her ‘beauty sleep’ had been interrupted.

Yasmin, who suffers from Sturge-Weber syndrome – a rare condition affecting the skin, brain and eyes – later had to be taken to hospital, her mother said.

In a Facebook post, backed by thousands of people, Ms Colenso, from Northwich, Cheshire, said she tried to explain Yasmin’s situation to the woman ‘very politely’.

She then suggested the woman ask staff if she could be moved.

The woman allegedly replied that she was ‘sick of the noise’ and demanded Ms Colenso and her partner ‘just shut her up’.

In the post, Ms Colenso told the woman: ‘You continued to be abusive and publicly called her daddy a ‘p****’ in front of her and her other three siblings.

‘Your behaviour and outburst was not helpful whatsoever in helping to calm down our daughter’s anxiety.

‘I hope social media helps find you to let you know that same little eight-year-old girl ended up being taken to hospital by ambulance that evening as she became seriously unwell.

Yasmin was later taken to hospital after suffering ‘severe seizures’, her mother said.

Ms Colenso said today: ‘We were really shocked by the way she spoke to us. It was horrible.

‘It was clear to anyone who looked that something wasn’t right with Yasmin.

‘But even after explaining it to her calmly and politely, she gave no consideration to this.

‘The only thing she seemed to care about was that she could hear what was going on.

‘We remained calm and didn’t react to what she said as keeping Yasmin calm was our priority and we just wanted to get her home.

‘But afterwards I really wanted to raise awareness so it doesn’t happen to others who are in the same situation.

‘I want people to think twice when they see someone in this situation. Not all disabilities are visible so they shouldn’t just presume.

‘They don’t have to deal with it like this. They could offer support. I know of someone in a similar situation where the family in front played peekaboo and it calmed the child down a lot.

‘This woman didn’t have to do that, but she certainly didn’t have to kick off.’

Ms Colenso’s Facebook post, which included a picture of the woman allegedly involved in the row, has been shared by 52,000 people. Scores of them criticised the woman’s ‘ignorance’ and ‘insensitivity’.

I have over 1,000 hours in the air over the past years and over half those flights were 4-6 hours in one flight. This lady’s flight was just over 2 hours and she couldn’t handle a little fussing? It’s not that hard to ask for another seat or just put some headphones in and act like you’re not there. Instead, this millennial wanted to show her self importance and scold these parents. One time, a 1 yr-old baby started to get fussy and the young father didn’t like it. I sat behind him and watched him squeeze and pinch her to get her to shut up… of course it made the poor child worse and it took everything inside of me not to crawl over the seat and rip that baby from his arms. It’s not my business. It’s called self control girl, self control.

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