Airline doesn’t pay $73 to let passengers off; left for six hours stuck on tarmac with one dirty bathroom and food running out

Airline doesn’t pay $73 to let passengers off; left for six hours stuck on tarmac with one dirty bathroom and food running out

stranded passengersAnother “thank goodness that wasn’t me” situation involving air travel just took place. Passengers flying a United Express plane operated by Republic Airlines on a short flight between Kansas City, Missouri, and Denver, Colorado were diverted to Colorado Springs instead because of lightening. The airline refused to pay a small $73 docking fee to let the passengers off while the plane waited, apparently in order to cut costs.

According to The Daily Mail,

The 6am flight took just an hour and a half to get to the unscheduled stop at Colorado Springs – but then languished for another six hours, before everybody was ordered off anyway.

According to local news station KOAA, those aboard Flight 4934, which was being operated by Republic Airlines, were finally taken to their destination by bus.

In accordance with federal law the airline gave people the chance to get off the plane after it had been stuck for three hours.

But passengers were told that if they got off, that would be the end of their trip and they would have to give up on connecting flights and make their own way from Colorado Springs.

According to those on board, virtually everyone chose to stay on the plane. In the mean time, passengers told how the short-haul flight’s meager supplies of crackers and water dwindled, while the single bathroom became ‘foul’ and ran out of necessary supplies.

A spokesman for Colorado Springs told KOAA that they had plenty of gates available to get the passengers off the plane and let them wait in the terminal instead. The service would have set Republic back $73 for the whole plane.

A spokesman for Republic Airlines told ‘The aircraft had to park because of a lightning advisory in the area. Meanwhile, at least two ground stops in Denver continued to delay the flight. Passengers were offered the opportunity to deplane, despite several erroneous media reports. Republic eventually cancelled the flight.’

The spokesman added that United was offering compensation to those affected.

This represents the problem when there is no real free market, but instead a utility or service with government granted monopolies and market share is set up. Unable to set their own rules about making a profit, airlines are left scrambling in ridiculous ways. The best way to fight back is to publicize these rip-offs and shop elsewhere. Southwest Airlines has acquired a reputation in recent years for not treating its passengers that way. Use your pocketbook to send airlines a message and fly Southwest instead (the only airline I will fly). Watch the video clip below of the angry passengers being told they will have to wait at least another two hours aboard the plane (expletives bleeped).

Rachel Alexander

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