ALERT: Black Lives Matter Thugs Say They’ll ‘Incite Riots Everywhere’ If Trump Wins

ALERT: Black Lives Matter Thugs Say They’ll ‘Incite Riots Everywhere’ If Trump Wins

Black Lives Matter activist and rapper Tef Poe has come out and had the audacity to issue this message to “white people”: IF DONALD TRUMP WINS THE PRESIDENCY, “NIGGAS” WILL “INCITE RIOTS EVERYWHERE” Keeping it classy…


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He followed up with another promise: “Trump wins aint no more rules fammo. We’ve been too nice as is.”

Poe is by no means a nobody, he has appeared in innumerable articles charting the rise of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and was credited with coining the phrase, “This ain’t your grandparents’ civil rights movement.”

The rapper was one of the co-founders of Hands Up United, a “social justice” organization that emerged after the death of

Michael Brown that was responsible for coordinating large BLM protests in the St. Louis area.

St. Louis was hit by riots in August last year as police were forced to use tear gas to disperse demonstrators who threw bricks and bottles at officers.

The “hands up, don’t shoot!” mantra was later discredited by DNA and autopsy evidence that confirmed Michael Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot by Officer Darren Wilson.

Poe’s threat to incite riots comes on the same day that Donald Trump himself warned that any attempt by the GOP establishment to steal the nomination from him may result in civil unrest.

“I think you would have riots. I think you would have riots,” Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo this morning. “I think you would see problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen. I really do.”

Wait? Is that suppose to be a threat? HAH!

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