Alt-Right Leader At Texas A&M Brings On MASSIVE Campus Protest Against His ‘Public’ Speech Event [VIDEO]

Alt-Right Leader At Texas A&M Brings On MASSIVE Campus Protest Against His ‘Public’ Speech Event [VIDEO]

Hundreds of college students protested a white nationalist’s speaking appointment at the Texas A&M University campus. Several groups took to protesting outside of the student center Tuesday night where the speech event was planned to take place. This went down during and before the appearance by Richard Spencer, who leads a white nationalist organization.


The nationalist leader said the following while speaking to attendees:

‘At the end of the day, America belongs to white men.’

Approximately 400 people filed into a student center ballroom — some went to listen to Spencer, others attended to mock him. Videos and images were taken by numerous witnesses that were there and much of it was posted on social media. Some showed riot police guiding protesters back from the Memorial Student Center as Spencer spoke in the building.

Spencer was disowned by his elite Texas prep school last month when he was seen on camera calling out ‘hail Trump’ as the crowd flashed him a Nazi salute…


Now understand… these guys are idiots, scumbags and throwbacks who have ZERO power…but they are still protected by those same civil liberties that are afforded to ALL Americans. They are scumbags. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to state that outright. But they are NOT breaking the law and preventing them from speaking at a public event is just as egregious as their ideology.

One side deems all races except whites inferior, while the other side would rather have them silenced…

No one has the ‘right side’ here. But these nationalists are not breaking the law.

Before the engagement took place, Spencer spoke with CNN and asserted that he is not a white supremacist, despite speaking of a Western civilization that he claimed, ‘only white people can support’.

He told the network that the university’s response to his speech-making ‘shows the power of the alt-right and the power of our ideas’.

Numerous protesters went on with numerous chants, like ‘No Nazi’s, no KKK, no fascist USA!’

During one point in Spencer’s speech, a woman dressed in clown attire walked to the front of the stage holding a sign that said: ‘He’s the real bozo.’

Those in attendance at the speech had to pass through a gantlet of chanting protesters while exiting the hall. A&M officials say they didn’t set up the speech by Spencer. Instead, he was asked to speak by a former student who reserved campus space available for public use.

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