Amazing Video! White Shark: 0, Seal 1

Amazing Video! White Shark: 0, Seal 1

A white shark was hungry, but the seal didn’t want to be eaten. Researchers say this is actually more common in South Africa. Not so much in Massachusetts though…

Amazing Video! White Shark: 0, Seal 1

This one’s a nail-biter: A seal desperately twists and turns to escape the toothy predator leaping out of the water in a quest for its next meal.

Researchers caught this macabre ballet between a great white shark and a grey seal on Monday, and video of the chase has since gone viral. Most such instances are captured on camera in South Africa. But this time, the drama played out off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Watch the remarkable video below! If I was this shark’s friends, I would sooooo be making fun of him for this. 🙂

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