American Killed by Terrorist Released From Club Gitmo

There’s no question that released Club Gitmo vacationers will kill Americans. It’s already happened:

A New York woman was killed in a terrorist attack at the U.S. Embassy in Sana, Yemen, in September. And U.S. counterterrorism officials have now confirmed that Said Ali al-Shihri, 35, who was released from the Guantanamo Bay prison center in 2007, is the deputy leader of Al Qaeda in that Mideast country and is a suspect in the attack.

Eighteen-year-old Susan Elbaneh of Lackawanna, New York died in the attack. According to the Defense Department, she is probably not the first American to be killed by a Gitmo alumnus.

The Obamination Administration has decided to close Gitmo to send a signal that the War on Terror is over. But terror’s war on us has only just begun, and no one seems to have a clue what to do with Gitmo vacationers, despite the obvious solution to this problem having been developed over 100 years ago.


On a tip from Frank W. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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