Foster Mother Banned After Failing to Prevent Conversion to Christianity

The campaign to Islamize Britain in the name of political correctness has ended the career of a foster mother who had looked after over 80 children, after she failed to prevent one of her wards from converting from Islam to Christianity.

The teenage convert was in foster care because she had been abused in her home, hardly an unusual situation for Muslim girls. The foster mother not only did not pressure her to convert, but initially tried to dissuade her. But her efforts were insufficient. When it came to light that the girl had gotten herself baptized, her foster care manager became “incandescent with rage.”

Now Britain has one fewer foster parents. The girl is back with her abusive family. If they find out she converted, they will likely kill her, which is probably why her name hasn’t been released.

One by one, the lights of civilization flicker and die.

On tips from Knights of the Dumb Table and Panday. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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