No Way! Barack Obama Is Black?

Ann Althouse writes something that is so profound and yet, obvious:

How long does it take people to get something through their skulls? The Prez is black. I’ve been used to it since months before it happened. (And it seemed normal to me back when he was a long shot.) Are people really still going around dumbfounded, marveling that this — this! — happened in America? What is wrong with you? Get up to speed, people.

And yes, I’m very interested in the first big press conference. But that’s because the country seems to be going to hell, and I want to see some competence and accountability. If Obama’s people think they are “staging” some feel-good diversity show — it’s “the first African American president … talking on television”! — they must be crazy.

Why is anyone still surprised? I didn’t vote against Barack Obama because he’s black. I didn’t like his policies and the idea that the country, would, indeed “go to hell” should he get his socialist way.

In a country where the number one daytime talk show host for a decade has been black, I figure racism is mostly behind us. In a country where the best golfer in history is a mult-racial and beloved by people of every color, I figure racism is mostly behind us. In a country where no one blinked that the Secretary of State was a black woman, I figure racism is mostly behind us.

Keep in mind that blacks make up 15% of the entire American population. Proportionally, blacks dominate professional sports like basketball, football and baseball. And proportionally, the majority of their fans are white. I figure racism is mostly behind us.

No one gives a flip that Barack Obama has 1) a Muslimish name and 2) that he’s 1/2 black. At this point, people are concerned about how his economic policies will affect the country. People are concerned about whether he has the chops to keep America safe. People are wondering if they made a mistake voting for Barack Obama–not because he’s black, but because the chief criticism against him has so far been valid: he’s inexperienced and doesn’t seem to know what the hell he’s doing.

Would that the press and his sycophants could get over their skin-tone fetish. It certainly is difficult to be a post-racial world when all you’re focusing on is a man’s skin color instead of his character and accomplishments (or lack thereof). Enough already!

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