American tourist in naked feces-throwing rampage through Thailand airport after overdosing on ‘sex drugs’

American tourist in naked feces-throwing rampage through Thailand airport after overdosing on ‘sex drugs’

Don’t do drugs. Especially if you’re in a foreign country. Nothing good can come of it and the worst case scenario is death. The second to worse case scenario is ending up like this guy, who apparently took “too many sex drugs” and turned into a maniac who threw his feces at staff members of the Phuket International Airport in Thailand.

American tourist Steve Cho, 27, was detained after doing exactly that. While hopped up on Viagra. I don’t know how that works, exactly, but clearly he was having some very bad side-effects.

The man was stopped by 6 airport security guards after he was caught running around the airport without any clothes on. Apparently his breakdown was caused by – wait for it – an overdose on Viagra.

I didn’t know that was possible either.

A 28-year-old witness wasn’t impressed by the event.

“This was the scariest and most disgusting thing I ever saw at an airport,” said Wannee Ming. “I stayed away from the man in case he attacked anybody. The airport staff tried to make him calm down. They were talking to him but he ignored them. It was very bad. The airport did a good job to control him.”

During his drug-fueled rampage, Cho allegedly smashed products in various airport shops and was throwing his feces at terrified travelers and staff. When the security had finally managed to calm him down, he admitted that he had taken “too many Viagra” and “lost consciousness.”

“To control the situation and to prevent any danger that might happen to other passengers, the officers had to arrest the man,” read a statement from the Airport. “The officers brought him to the walkway on the north side of the terminal to avoid other passengers and managed to calm him down at the Tourist Center on the first floor.”

“When he regained his composure he admitted that he took too many Viagra pills and lost consciousness,” noted the statement. “He accepted responsibility to reimburse for any damages that he caused. His trip to Incheon was cancelled and he was brought to Saku Police Station for further investigation.”

They impressed that the officers did not harm the man and that a strict code of conduct was followed when taking him into custody. He underwent a psychological evaluation following his arrest.

While he only admits to using Viagra, I can almost assure you that something else was in the mix as well. I just don’t see a drug like that causing a blackout and an episode of what could be considered insanity.

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