Americans BAFFLED At Hillary’s AWKWARD Birthday Wish To Herself – What Was She Thinking?

Americans BAFFLED At Hillary’s AWKWARD Birthday Wish To Herself – What Was She Thinking?

The most awkward birthdays are those you have to spend alone. Slightly more awkward than that is having to wish yourself happy birthday on Twitter, while presumptuously calling yourself the first female President. Awkwarrrrrd.

Now I realize that this was sent out on her account by someone from her staff, which was why the Tweet wasn’t signed “-H,” but someone wasn’t aware of how it would look to have a Hillary Clinton account telling people to join in and wish her happy birthday.


Of course you just KNOW that Twitter had to get in on this, because it’s what they do.

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Some Twitter users weren’t quite as… gentle in their approach to the bizarre tweet.




This is the ultimate cringe moment. I get that her staffers aren’t very bright because, well, they’re working for Hillary Clinton, but even THEY had to realize that this wasn’t a good idea. On the upside, we could definitely use the laugh this close to the election.

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