America’s Cyber Command

Since America’s infrastructure depends on the safety and stability of our information networks, it makes sense that the government would have a military cyber force dedicated to it’s defense. Here’s why:

According to the official, the program would not be on the level of a separate combatant command. Instead, the likely recommendation would be to create a “sub-unified command” that would focus entirely on combating cyber warfare but exist under the current Strategic Command.

A senior Pentagon official revealed that cyber attacks against military computer networks have “increased significantly … more than doubled” in the past six months. The attacks were said to include “thousands of probes a day” against Web sites associated with the Defense Department.

How important are our information networks? Just ask anyone who endured 9/11 or a hurricane. The first thing to go is communications and the computer systems that control energy distribution, waste management, water purification, etc. Imagine the havoc created by a hacker who can control or disrupt these networks and the services dependent on them.

The downside of the government having their nose inserted into cyber security is that they will inevitably be dealing with independent businesses, state sovereignty issues, etc. The government already knows too much.

Still, as part of national defense, America can’t be brought to it’s knees by a pimply Russian or Chinese kid employed by their governments to gather information, or worse, do economic or physical harm.

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