Naked Obama And A Unicorn Vs. Pirates, Palin, & Gay Marriage!

This has got to be my fave of the latest Naked Obama and a unicorn pics,

Naked Obama on a unicorn vs. pirates

There’s also another naked Obama on a unicorn vs. a Palin on a moose pic (I think he should go with a Sarah Palin dressed up heavy metal style, going after Democrats with a moose antler club. I would totally hang one of those in my office)

Naked Obama vs. Naked Palin on a moose

Then there’s the gay marriage pic. At first, I thought Obama was riding naked on a unicorn with Perez Hilton, but apparently that’s supposed to be Graham Norton who’s apparently getting into a polygamous marriage with Obama and the unicorn,

Three other great ideas,

* Naked Obama hugging Osama Bin Laden while the unicorn bows.

* The unicorn looking upset after Obama gives him some DVDs.

* The unicorn waterboarding a terrorist while naked Obama wags his finger at him.

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