America’s Next Top Model Contestant, Boyfriend and Roommate Murdered in Chilling ISIS Copycat Style Execution

America’s Next Top Model Contestant, Boyfriend and Roommate Murdered in Chilling ISIS Copycat Style Execution

mrjnphrThe execution-style murders of ISIS are spreading to the U.S., as vicious killers copy their methods. The stunning Mirjana Puhar, age 19, her boyfriend Jonathan Alvarado and his roommate Jusmar Gonzaga-Garcia were found shot dead in their home in what appears to be a drug-related attack.  Puhar was an up-and-coming model who was appearing on America’s Next Top Model.

The Daily Mail reports,

James Jackson, the stepfather of Alvarado,23, said robbery was the reason behind the shooting and that ten pairs of Nike sneakers owned by the victim had been taken.

He said Emmanuel Jesus Rangel, 19, the gunman suspect, had been wrongly convinced Alvarado had lots of money because he had paid $1500 cash for a car the previous weekend to Rangal’s car dealer father.

‘Rangal got wind of the payment and turned up with two friends to rob Jonathan. Two guys opened up fire when Mirjana opened the front door and there was a woman at the wheel of the getaway car.

‘They thought there would be a lot of money there, but according to the police there was only $140. That doesn’t suggest drug dealing to me.’

Mr. Jackson said Mirjana and his stepson were planning to get married. Alvarado had only been in the US for a year after traveling from Puerto Rico.

He had met Mirjana,19, about six months ago and they couple loved each other deeply, he said.

‘She became very close to Jonathan’s mother Ada and everything was going well.

‘Ada and I never even knew about Mirjana’s modeling until recently. She never bragged about it. But she was very beautiful. We liked her.’

He said Rangel’s shooting rampage was fueled by being was high and wrongly believing Alvarado possessed vast amounts of cash after buying the car.

Emmanuel Rangel, 19, has been charged with their murders as well as a separate murder. Victims Alvarado and Gonzaga-Garcia had posted photos on his Facebook page showing off expensive tennis shoes, drugs, stolen cell phones and money. Alvarado’s father had warned him not to buy expensive items like tennis shoes or people might try to rob him. This is a sad lesson to our youth to be careful about bragging about their money and possessions on social media. The “me-me” attitude we are raising them with can have deadly consequences.


Rachel Alexander

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