An Armed Society Is A Polite Society: Bringing Guns To Townhall Meetings

There have been a spate of stories about people bringing guns to Townhall meetings. Most people on the Left have been treating it like an outrage, while on the Right, it has generally been shrugged off with a “It’s their right” and left at that.

In my view, it’s a bit more of a complex issue.

Although I acknowledge that people may have a right to bring guns to Townhall meetings and that the people who have done so up to this point seem to have behaved responsibly, as a general rule, I’d prefer that they don’t bring guns.

There are emotional political arguments happening at these events and emotion and guns don’t mix. Additionally, the presence of weapons may intimidate some people into not revealing their views.

Furthermore, given the history we have of assassinations of public figures in this country, I don’t want private citizens with guns near members of Congress or the President when they’re giving a speech. Granted, my guess is that a person who wants to try to kill a political figure would be hiding his weapon, not wearing it openly, but still, I think we need to be mindful of the safety of our public officials.

All that being said, people going to these Townhalls also have a right not to be beaten up by union thugs. If you want to know why there haven’t been dozens of Kenneth Gladney’s, I strongly suspect it’s because the union members have toned things down out of fear that they’d slug the wrong person and get shot. That’s a very healthy fear for them to have.

Long story short, people bringing guns to these Townhall meetings is more of a mixed bag than many people seem to be admitting at the moment. In the end, while I’d prefer that people don’t bring guns to these events, as long as the people with guns are kept away from members of Congress and the President, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing and it may even help keep the peace at these Townhalls.

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