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Many of you still don’t see the point of Twitter. This is why I Twitter: Imagine you could gather 200 of the smartest people in a room and they had access to areas of expertise you had no time or hope of gathering. Those people would sift through information and bring up the best stuff for you to know so you don’t have to do the grunt work. You don’t even have to use Google.

Twitter is like a human search engine. It’s opt in, which means you’re only hassled as much as you want to be and by whom you want to be hassled. Instead of computer metrics, you choose the brains who sift the information. And even more than that, you can become friends with the people sharing that information. It’s not just an information exchange, though it can be just that, it’s a social exchange of people pre-selected for interests that sync with yours.

Twitter: It’s time to do it. Here’s how:

Twitter (Released July 2009):

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Mashable (Released Aug 2009):

DAG (Released Sept 2008, Revised + Expanded June 2009):

Start with DAG, first. That’s David All and he’s a conservative consultant in D.C.

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