An Observation About Democrats And Toilet Paper

An Observation About Democrats And Toilet Paper: After the 2002 elections, Democrats came to the conclusion that their biggest mistake was not being critical enough of Bush. Personally, I think their weak stand on the war, their lack of ideas, and even the Wellstone memorial service had more to do with their faltering in the elections than failing to differentiate themselves from Bush, but obviously they’re not asking for my opinion.

So now the Democrats are complaining 24-7 about everything. They don’t like how Bush is handling; Korea & homeland security, spending on land preservation, Bush’s judges, the war on terrorism, taxes and the budget, and pretty much every other thing the Bush administration says, does, or supports.

Of course, you have to aim a certain amount of criticism at your political adversaries, that’s just how the game is played. However, at some point, you’ve got to have some ideas of your own to really be worthy of leading. Let me give you an example that’ll get across the point I’m trying to make…

Let’s say you live in an apartment with two other people and you run out of toilet paper. Well, one guy says, “no big deal, let’s just go get some more.” However, your other roommate is steadfastly opposed to getting more toilet paper and he gives you every reason in the book why you should forget about it. He tells you toilet paper is expensive, that you could get into a wreck driving to the store, that trees have to die so that you can have toilet paper, that within a couple of years newer, better brands of toilet paper will be out, etc, etc. The only thing he won’t discuss is, “What are you supposed to do when you have to go to the bathroom?”

In effect, that is the problem the Dems have right now. They don’t like anything the GOP is doing, but they themselves stand for little more than, “not being Republicans.” Sometimes, that strategy in and of itself is enough (1976 and 1992 come to mind), but if the Dems want to really regain power one day, they’re going to have to present themselves as something more than just the, “unRepublicans.”

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