All Of Europe Doesn’t Hate Americans Or Love The French

All Of Europe Doesn’t Hate Americans Or Love The French

All Of Europe Doesn’t Hate Americans Or Fall In Line Behind French: The Sun Newspaper Online has published a furiously pro-war, pro-American, anti-French article that deserves more attention. To begin with, we tend to get the impression that Europe is largely unappreciative of America and would like nothing better than to see us take a fall. Ok, so that’s largely true =) But, not everyone feels that way. For example…

“Shadow Defence Secretary Bernard Jenkin said: “It’s outrageous for France, Germany and Belgium to play chicken over confronting Saddam.

“The split between Europe and America must be Saddam’s dearest wish fulfilled.

“The only reason France, Germany and Belgium are free is because of the United States.

“If it was not for the US, we would not have won the First World War, the Second World War and the Cold War. We would be living under Soviet rule if it had not been for America.”

Sacrifice … Normandy graves of servicemen killed liberating Europe in World War Two

Tory MP Julie Kirkbride joined the criticism last night.

She said: “When America is standing up for freedom and world security we should be looking at how we can support them rather than chickening out over narrow political and trading interests.

“Fifty years ago, America came to our rescue to save us from a German dictatorship across Europe.”

Tory MP and former paratrooper Julian Brazier said: “France and Germany have been at war with each other on and off for nearly 400 years.

“It is sad they both seem to have forgotten who provided the nuclear umbrella for Europe that protected them through half a century of Cold War.

“France, as usual, is putting selfish commercial interests before the greater good and Germany has drifted away in a pacifist’s dream.”

The Sun also had a pointed message for Jacques Chirac…

“THE Sun today prints a single white feather to show our disgust at cowardly French President Jacques Chirac.

And we urge our ten million readers to post it to Chirac’s headquarters in Paris to symbolise British anger at France’s soft stance on Saddam Hussein.

The Order of the White Feather was founded in August 1914 by Admiral Charles Fitzgerald.

The organisation encouraged women to give white feathers to young men who failed to join the British Army as the First World War raged.”

Ah, it’s nice to see that there are still some people who want to stick with us, not because of purely political considerations,” but because they believe that they should stand up for us in our time of need just as we did for them.

PS: Go to the Sun and read the article. Pay particular attention to the pics — when you get the Belgium, you’ll lol — or at least I did.

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