Ann Coulter: The Press As Obama’s Gushing Parents

Tom Delay introduces Ann Coulter. She is loved here. The general feeling among bloggers seems mixed. I’ve heard more than once that the criticism of Ann Coulter is that she says offensive things that serve her but don’t serve the conservative movement. I find myself defending Ann over and over–primarily on free speech grounds and secondarily, on defining the argument grounds. Both the right and left need people to define the argument. On the left, though, people are generally crazy, so they all sound the same. When someone on the right says something interesting or un-bland, it doesn’t sound “conservative.” Well. We need some excitement. It doesn’t have to equal offensive. Still, the Left operates under no such constraints.

Ann gave a barn-burner of a speech. Some notable lines:

The press has gone from watch dog to guard dog. Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are the government lap dogs.

Obama reached out to rivals to fill his cabinet–the Clinton administration.

If Obama thinks the people want change, wait ’til 2012. [Huge cheers.]

Ann was surprised that McCain didn’t lose by 75 points.

How do liberals define victory in the war on poverty? Still looking for an exit strategy.

LBJ won 44 states. Carter “tricked” the people 50.1% of the vote. Democrats in history always go down. Republicans reputations always go up.

His policies seem to ensure that there won’t be a second term coming.

They’re polls of historians not Americans.

Do you think you’re good for the conservative movement? Answer: [Talking about Mein Kemf with Barbara Walters] Why can’t I say that? We need a ticker saying who can say what words, to whom, and in what context. It’s a way for liberals to control our words.

I love going on the view because being around those girls always makes me feel so young and pretty.

Raise the voting age 40. Need to get them out of the propagandizing for years.

We owe George Bush a thank you for keeping us so safe. [HUGE APPLAUSE]

All in all, the speech was excellent. Pure, raw, red meat and signature Ann Coulter. She delighted and inspired.

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