Biden to Specter: “Why don’t you just go ahead and be a Democrat?”

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and Vice President Joe Biden ask the traitorous, backstabbing Senator Arlen Specter why he even bothers pretending to be a Republican:

It was supposed to be a meeting, not a roast. But at the inaugural session of Joe Biden’s Middle Class Task Force …

… in Philadelphia Friday, one guest was in for some rough treatment: Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter.

The moderate Republican – one of three who voted for the stimulus package – found himself the target of good-natured cracks from Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and no lesser personage than the Vice President.

Noting that Specter had supported the stimulus to his own “peril,” Rendell joked: “You could make life a little easier for yourself by taking that registration card of yours and making that little change from ‘R’ to ‘D.'”

Biden, too, expressed gratitude by telling Specter that deep down inside, the veteran Republican – who’s vulnerable to a challenge from the right in 2010 – is really a Democrat.

Specter returned fire with a self-deprecating joke, according to the pool report, answering Rendell by commenting: “These comments sound more like eulogies.”

Yes, Senator Specter: those comments are eulogies, in a sense. That yes vote was an abomination, because you sold out your principles for the lowest possible price. Not only was the Porkulus v1.0 the worst kind of earmark-filled, porked up bill ever, it will do nothing to actually stimulate the economy. And Senators Snowe, Collins, and Specter forgot any sense of fiscal responsibility and did exactly what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid asked him to do. The fact that it will only prolong the recession either never crossed their minds or didn’t matter to them.

I cannot believe I am saying this, but for once Joe Biden is right. Specter should just be a Democrat, because we don’t want him anymore.

The problem with being a “moderate” is that it often will not get you anywhere, and it certainly won’t get you any respect. That doesn’t mean that no one should have any room for flexibility, but the best politicans know where they stand and they keep firmly to their principles. The legacy of a moderate like Arlen Specter is grim: one side (the Republicans) now hate him. The other side (Democrats) is mocking him. And he’ll likely lose his seat in the Senate as well. So how, then, does being a “moderate” help Senator Specter?

It doesn’t. Specter probably should just save himself the trouble and go ahead and switch parties.

After all, it’s not our loss.

Hat Tip: Hot Air Headlines

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