Another One Bites The Dust: Mark Sanford Admits He Was Having An Affair


When Mark Sanford originally was “missing” for five days, I defended him — at least to a certain extent.

Yesterday, when the “Mark Sanford is Missing” story hit Drudge, I thought it was tremendously unfair to Sanford. Couldn’t the guy take a four day week-end without people proclaiming he is “missing?”

…because he has let this drag on too long, people are going to smell a rat. That means reporters are going to verify every detail of where he has been and whom he has been with, because they’re going to be thinking, “There’s something that’s just not right here.”

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I was still giving Mark Sanford the benefit of the doubt, in part because he seemed to be laying the groundwork for a presidential run. He was reaching out to bloggers, he made the big splash on the stimulus, and his name was getting out there.

Obviously, any ambitions he had of being President have gone by the wayside now. In fact, I’d say it’s an open question at this point whether he will remain as the governor of South Carolina. South Carolinians don’t really take well to this sort of thing and Sanford has a lot of enemies, even amongst Republicans, because he has fought so hard on fiscal issues. They are going to be going for the throat over this.

The press conference he just did? It was an experience. He gave out way too much information,

Gov. Mark Sanford says he is publicly apologizing for letting down South Carolinians after admitting he was having an affair during a press conference at the statehouse in Columbia Wednesday.

Apologizing to his wife, sons and all of South Carolina, Sanford says he has engaged in a relationship with a “dear friend” from Argentina.

Sanford confessed the relationship between him and the unidentified woman began very innocently through emails, and says over the past year developed into much more than a simple friendship. Since the development of the relationship, Sanford says he has seen the woman three times.

“I hurt you all, I hurt my wife, I hurt my boys,” said Sanford, with tears in his eyes. “All I can say is ‘I apologize.'”

Sanford says his family has been struggling with his unfaithfulness for the last five months, noting his wife, Jenny Sanford, and sons knew about his trip to Argentina before he left the country.

“I’ve spent the last five days crying in Argentina,” said Sanford.

Despite his unfaithfulness, Sanford stands by his relationship with his wife, saying they are not “formally separate,” but are rather trying to “work through something.”

This is just one hell of a mess. Sanford is stepping down as Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association and if he asked for my advice, I think I would tell him to go ahead and step down as governor. That’s a little different than what I said about John Ensign, but he was separated from his wife when his affair occurred.

Long story short, Sanford was a rising star in the Republican party and it is really sad to see him throw away his promising political career this way.

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