ObamaCare Day Long Infomercial=Fail

OK, I’ll admit, I did not watch, ore really even read, anything during the day Wednesday as ABC News and The White House became one and the same. But, see there were two little problems for Obama and his “I’m not going to do away with private insurance *wink wink*” agenda: Mark Sanford, and ABC News getting a bit tough with him. And, Mark Sanford. How bad was it? Even ABC News doesn’t care about the day long event. Go to ABC News’s main page, and what are you treated to? (larger image here)

You actually have to scroll down to the blogs section to get a mention of yesterday’s circus. You can also go to the politics page, but, not on the front page!

CNN? I sort of tiny blurb. MSNBC? Nope. NY Times? Nada. The Washington Post decides that a picture of Michelle Obama and her wanting “substance” was more news worthy. And that trend continues. Even Memeorandum barely cares, and the few stories/blog postsare mostly not about the prime time infomercial which kept The Unusuals off the air.

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ABC News even tries fact checking ObamaCare, and finds it lacking. You can also find the full transcript here. ABC was nice enough to go to commercial multiple times to give Dr. Neophyte a chance to be given his answers. But, really, who cares? The MSM sure doesn’t seem to care, so, let’s go to a funny Washington Post article happily entitled Most Want Health Reform But Fear Its Side Effects

A majority of Americans see government action as critical to controlling runaway health-care costs, but there is broad public anxiety about the potential impact of reform legislation and conflicting views about the types of fixes being proposed on Capitol Hill, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Really? We have to dig deep into the story to find out

In the poll, 58 percent said they see government reform as necessary to stall skyrocketing costs and expand coverage for the uninsured, while 39 percent said they fear any federal action would do more harm than good. The numbers split sharply along partisan and ideological lines: Ninety-two percent of liberal Democrats said they see government intervention as essential, compared with 19 percent of conservative Republicans.

58%, and the word used is necessary, not critical. And, more importantly

Most respondents are “very concerned” that health-care reform would lead to higher costs, lower quality, fewer choices, a bigger deficit, diminished insurance coverage and more government bureaucracy. About six in 10 are at least somewhat worried about all of these factors, underscoring the challenges for lawmakers as they attempt to restructure the nation’s $2.3 trillion health-care system.

Part of the reason so many are nervous about future changes is a fear they may lose what they currently have. More than eight in 10 said they are satisfied with the quality of care they now receive and relatively content with their own current expenses, and worry about future rising costs cuts across party lines and is amplified in the weak economy.

Hmm, sounds like people are critically worried about government intervention. As RS McCain pointed out Tuesday, Obama is all for Iran governing through “respect, not coercion.” For the USA, though,

“Reform is not an option, it’s a necessity” — hmmm. What happened to “respect, not coercion”?

That last part is apparently only for countries that are theocratic dictatorships.

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