ANOTHER Terrorist Attack in Major City

ANOTHER Terrorist Attack in Major City

We’re just getting reports that fourteen Jews were poisoned by a “toxic substance” applied to the keypad of an electronic lock attached to a synagogue just south of Paris, France. THIS is what we know so far.


Members of the Jewish community of Bonneuil-sur-Marne have called emergency services after experiencing serious burning sensations in their eyes and “itchy rashes on their skin.”

It is believed 25 firemen rushed to the synagogue, where they treated congregants and traced their condition to the daubed lock.

The substance was described as a “nonlethal irritant” and was sent to a police forensic lab for analysis.

The shul, which is under police and military protection when open, is believed to have been targeted when closed with no guard present.

The attack was well-planned, as they waited for a lull in the presence of military personnel guarding the synagogue. It is unclear yet if this is related to the Islamic State (ISIS), but they clearly were attempting to kill Jewish people with poison in their place of worship.

With the recent deadly Islamic terror attacks in Paris, the entire country – along with the rest of the West – should be on high alert for signs of attacks. Sadly, in the White House, we have a leader unwilling to confront terrorists directly or call them by their name… This is why terrorists are emboldened to continue killing innocent people.

This is becoming a world of madness…and a world that needs STRONG leaders to put a choke hold on terrorism.

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