Another “What If Bush Did This?” Moment

Another teleprompter gaffe, brought to you by our Teleprompter President.

Petty? Not when one considers the incredible amount of flak Bush took from liberal elites (and for that matter, not so elite liberals) over his tendency to stumble over his words, which they in turn used to suggest was one of the reasons why so many here at home didn’t take him seriously during his last few years in office, and why he had a hard time persuading elites to his POV.

Fast forward to the new admnistration, and the evidence is undeniable at this point that with or without a teleprompter, President Obama’s speaking style leaves a lot to be desired as well, which perhaps explains, in part, why the fury over the AIG bonus scandal and his approach to dealing with other domestic challenges increases every day. Of course, even a flawless execution of words probably wouldn’t help him much on that front these days.

One of the things that drew supporters to Barack Obama was his ability to deliver a flawless, impassioned speech and for all too many, his style won out regardless of his troubling substance and thin resume. Without his great oration skills, Obama drops from messiah-like to mere mortal, something clear-thinking conservatives tried to warn others about last year, with (obviously) no success.

Which puts us in the joyless position of being able to say “Toldjah So.”

Cross-posted from the Sister Toldjah blog.

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