Obama has trouble reading the teleprompter now, too

Must be because he’s so tired.

Now, what he says isn’t that embarassing, although facing the challenging challenges that we face to our face is not exactly eloquent. It’s more notable that he’s quite obviously lost, looking nervously around to the left and the right with a panicked expression on his face as he tries to find his footing again.

The man cannot make any kind of statement in public without his teleprompter (something I was able to carry off in my freshman year speech class, by the way, along with all of my other classmates). If he doesn’t use it, he looks like a buffoon and apparently, he even has trouble using the teleprompter now, too! Yet somehow he was able to get this reputation as a masterful public speaker. It’s just funny to me, because Obama’s speeches full of soaring rhetoric were the only thing that got him electd. If he loses that image, then he’ll lose any hope of staying in office in 2012. With the monstrous policies he’s forcing down our throats, he’ll need those pretty words. As his speaking ability dips, so will his approval ratings.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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