Anti-Gun Democrat Shoots Up Girlfriend’s Car With Shotgun

Anti-Gun Democrat Shoots Up Girlfriend’s Car With Shotgun

What’s more shocking: that a Democrat is a hypocrite when it comes to guns, or that this took place in Detroit? Maybe a little of both…


It seems like one of those anti-gun Democrats in Detroit proved his own inability to control his temper early Sunday morning, as he blasted away with a shotgun to his girlfriend’s car over what should have been a simple domestic argument:

Sources told Local 4 state Sen. Virgil Smith, who represents the fourth district, fired several shots into the woman’s car.

Investigators walked out of Smith’s home with what appeared to be a shotgun wrapped in a garbage bag. Investigators with Detroit police placed it in the backseat of an unmarked car.

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He voted for gun control when in the Detroit legislature. Surprisingly, he has yet to be arrested.

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