Anti-Palin Blogger Calls Trig a ‘Prop,’
Gets Shout-Out From Maureen Dowd

“Gryphen” a/k/a Alaska blogger Jesse Griffin, decides apparently at random to unload on Trig Palin again:

Sarah Palin has used this heartrending diminutive prop with such careless abandon, that even people who once supported her are embarrassed at her apparent disregard for the well being of this baby.
Leaving behind all of the questions about Trig’s parentage, the question we must now ask ourselves is how well is he currently being cared for?
I believe that many people have very powerful concerns for this child.
We see him trotted out when Sarah wants to make a political point, or create the warm motherly image for the cameras, but who cares for him while there are no cameras to record the event? (Emphasis added.)

Astute readers will recall that “Gryphen” — who likes to blog about porn and masturbation — was identified last week as a kindergarten teaching assistant at an Anchorage school, after he posted a phony rumor that Todd and Sarah Palin were getting divorced. Tuesday, Griffin resigned his public-school job. Sunday, he got a shout-out from New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd:

Palin is still obsessed with the blogosphere, which recently lit up with a rumor — started by a fellow mavericky Alaskan, who also no longer has his job — that she and Todd were Splitsville.

Griffin was thrilled by the recognition:

The fact that she wrote about my situation in her column absolutely makes my day.

So why is Dan Riehl smiling?

The Jesse Griffin story is advancing as I type. If Griffin doesn’t yet know that, he soon will.

Astute readers may wish to read more. Sorry to be so mysterious, but Dan Riehl doesn’t play games. He’s from New Jersey.

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